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GM is the only automotive company to offer customers a reward-earning card program.
Learn more about this unique, award-winning credit card with features such as the Temporary Shopping Pass for immediate purchases and the 90-day Deferred Payment Offer.

FAQs: Scotiabank GM Visa Classic Card APR Changes ( Aug 2019 )

1. Why the APR change on the Scotiabank GM Visa Card? The 17.99% APR was a limited offer and has expired.

2. What is the APR changing to? The APR is changing from 17.99% back to 19.99% on Purchases and 22.99% on Cash Advances, Balance Transfers and Scotia Credit Card Cheques.

3. When will the APR Pricing change take effect on the Scotiabank GM Visa Card? The product change is effective August 1st 2019.

4. What changes are we making to the APR? Customers will see the Preferred Annual Interest Rate on Purchases of 17.99% on their August 2019 statement. They will see the new Preferred Annual Interest Rate on Purchases of 19.99% appear on their September statement. Note: The revised new preferred Annual Interest Rate on Purchases of 19.99% will be applied effective the first day after their August 2019 Statement date. For example, If their statement date is August 15th, then the revised rate will apply starting August 16th .

5. Is the APR changing on the GM Visa Infinite card as well or just the GM Visa Classic? The APR change is only for the GM Visa Classic card- the rate on the GM Visa Infinite card is already 19.99%.

6. How will customers be notified of the pricing change to their Scotiabank GM Visa Card? a. Existing Customers: Customers have been notified of the changes by a statement message as of Feb 2019. b. New customers: Any customers who apply in May 2019 will receive updated Application Disclosures and an insert in the Welcome kit and any customers who apply after Aug 1st 2019 will received updated Disclosures and Welcome Kit.

7. Will existing customers with a balance receive the new interest rate? The new rate will be effective on all balances subject to interest charges starting August 1st, 2019.

8. Where can I go for further questions? For advice/service coaching and retail account support (product, policy, and process), contact Advice & Service Effectiveness - Sales & Service Support: Phone: 1-866-858-8777, option 1 Email: []

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